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  • Mark: Mark of Cornwall (Latin: Marcus Cunomorus; Cornish: Margh; Welsh: Cynfawr) was a king of Kernyw (Cornwall) in the early 6th Century AD. According to legend, he was a cousin of King Arthur and father (or uncle) of Tristan; a gravestone found in Cornwall has confirmed that Tristan was at least a member of Mark's family. Mark was said by some to be Sir Tristan's uncle, either maternal or paternal is not known. Mark sent Tristan as his proxy to fetch his young bride, the Princess Isolde (Isoult, Essylt, Iseult) from Ireland. Tristan and Isolde fell in love, and, with the help, of a magic potion, proceeded to have one of the stormiest love affairs in medieval literature.
  • Mark Twain: American author of the books The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn