Kinkin corass

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  • Kincora Road: street in Clontarf, Dublin, near the site of the Battle of Clontarf in which Brian Ború defeated the Danes
  • kinchin: child → "Kinch", Buck Mulligan's nickname for Stephen Dedalus in Ulysses"
  • kinkin: (Japanese) merely

  • kinkin: a small barrel or keg
  • kin: family; kin kin → the two brothers? → and kan kan in Kankan keening the two sides of ii's personality in her guise of temptress can-can dancer? Or rather the other way about because kinkin has ii in it?
  • k-k-corass → stutter, a sign of HCE's guilt
  • chorus
  • carcass → Finnegan's body?
  • cannikin or canikin a small drinking cup
  • canikin chorus Iago's drinking song from Shakespeare's Othello, act II scene 3: And let me the canakin clink, clink